Our Vision is to contribute with, and participate in, the social and economic growth of our society. We can achieve this by focusing and committing our resource to business areas which provide opportunity for long-term benefit to the stakeholders of the DOS  and the wider community. Honesty, integrity, team work and our reputation are at the heart of our business.


DOS believe in the paramount importance of conducting activities with the highest level of business ethics. We do this through promoting best practice in corporate governance in entities within which we are stakeholders, by encouraging high ethical standards in our employees and by offering fully transparency to our stakeholders.


The Most Effective Way for uniqueness not Assets investing but human Investing.


In everything we do, we strive to reflect the unique qualities of our product & services. We call this ‘living up to values’

  • Be Passionate – We will be excited by the product or service we sell, the challenges we face and the opportunities we create.
  • Pull Together – We believe that together everyone achieves more and being united in purpose and action, we will turn the diversity of our people, skills and experience into an unparalleled source of strength.
  • Build Trust – We will always listen first, and then act with openness, honesty and integrity so that our relationships flourish.
  • Shape the Future – We will find new ways. We will set demanding targets and take both tough decisions and considered risks to achieve them. We will insist on exceptional excellence and reward those who deliver.