DOS covers all Well Head Maintenance Services including all wellhead brands, connections sizes, working pressures from 3 KPSI up to 20KPSI, H2S corrosion resistance and temperatures to accommodate almost any size and type of wellhead connection, Well heads X –Mass tree  etc.  With and without grease fitting

  • Highly experienced service engineers to carry out maintenance and testing with mobile service units.
  • AVL includes Fully equipped workshop facilities for major overhauls  and repairs, refurbishment of wellhead components.
  • Supply / stores Valve Lubricants, Sealants & Flushing Compounds.

Maintenance Services

Scheduled Maintenance of Surface Wellhead equipment can enhance the life of wellhead system. This includes Wellhead Inspection, Test, lubrication and refurbishment.

Main advantages of this program are:

  • Reduce the frequency and cost of repairs and well shutdowns.
  • Keep Wellhead components in a reliable and safe operation mode, maintenance program is based on two strategies.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Inspection Function test Lubrication Pressure, Integrity testing, Wellhead Survey, and routine and non-routine functioning and greasing.
  • Corrective Maintenance: Repair faulty components on site as much possible or refurbish these components  in the workshop.
  • Valve lubrication and sealing services specializing in onsite repair for Routine and Non-routine valve maintenance.
  • Wellhead Maintenance services and valve maintenance services for X-Mass tree, Wellhead, Flowline and Gathering Centre valves.
  • Provide technical support to Wellhead Maintenance for routine as well as shut down operations.
  • Valve Flushing, Lubrication and Injecting sealant to Gate valve, Ball valves & Plug valves of X-mas tree, manifold and flow line valves by using high pressure pumps.
  • Preparing daily reports, including post job summary reports, field operations reports and HSE reports & as built drawings.
  • Train field operators to efficiently and safely carry out the routine and non-routine wellhead maintenance.

Repair & Refurbishment of all types of Valves

  • Control Valves
  • Ball Valves
  • Pressure /Safety Relief Valves
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Gate Valves

Valve Mobile Workshops

Fully equipped test- & repair facilities for on-site overhaul and testing of Shut-off valves, gate valves (manual & actuated), Safety valves and Control valves.

– The 20 ft. Containers feature all necessary tools and equipment for the standard reconditioning procedure, but can also be equipped according to specific requirement.