“We Know Your Rights”

For the simplest pin to the largest equipment, from a simple transport operation to a complex multimodal solution, from temporary storage to inventory management, Supply chain oilfield services unit professionals are glad to offer you the full support and help. Our value chain consultants will help you forecast your needs, choose the right time to buy, build stocks for your materials and other supply chain activates that will help you minimizing your cost while maintain the highest quality of services and products.

Industrial Shop

DOS is the first supply house for North Africa oil and gas market, offering a diversity of products; valves, fitting, pipes, gaskets, chemicals, personal protective equipment, workstations and storage, office supplies, spear parts…

DOS clients can place their orders using SOS hotline or by email. SOS team will tack your order and deliver it to your door step on time and complete.

Procurement Management services

DOS helps you in considering whether to procure how to procure, what to procure, how much to procure and when to procure.

Management Services

DOS providing management services for its client as

Inventory Management services

maintaining inventory is necessary for any company dealing with physical products, SOS manages stock to maintain a smooth flow of materials with no overstock or out of stock.

Logistic Management

DOS acts as you’re your fourth party logistics, managing inbound and outbound transportation, fleet management, material handling, reverse logistics and returns management.