DEFI OIL SERVICES (DOS) is  pioneering Human Resource agency, with the Target to offer high quality business process outsourcing services, specializing in recruitment, Payroll and social insurance services, DOS offers a broad range of services, such as human resources consultation, recruitment and selection, outsourcing and salary administration, management development and training, in addition to providing companies with reliable and competent personnel on both permanent and temporary basis, in all fields of business.

Outsource staff

DOS provide your company with temporary personnel to perform all the required assignments in line with your policy and procedures. The outsourcing includes selection, interviewing and hiring new employees, insurance, payroll, government compliance and salary administration. It encompasses, as well, consultations within the areas of personnel and legal affairs. In order to provide the outsourcing clients with high quality services, DEFI OIL SERVICES  has a Personnel Department, a Legal Affairs Department as well as Payroll Specialists, where all the employees have their special area of interest and expertise.


DOS presents itself as the job opportunity seller of the first and largest data recruitment bank, after the analysis of the marketing in Egypt, we have in our data recruitment bank a job index which enables us to classify any profession in a fast and accurate way. Top Service provides its clients with the whole range of employees at all levels of the organization, which is one of the means of success for our clients.

Social Insurance & Labor law consultation

DOS’s experts whose deal directly with both social insurance office and Labor office on your behalf to save your time and effort, provide and design successful solutions to suit the unique and dynamic needs of our clients. Our methods, tools are consistently practical, cost effective and always in the best interest of our clients.

Payroll Administration

All the processes concerning payroll will be done by us that includes Payroll Preparation and its relations with Social Insurance and Payroll Tax Department settlement will be done through our office directly.

DOS’s team has full responsibility for administer payroll process with legal requirements and produce the necessary reports if needed.

Human Resources Activities

Acting as external Human Resource Management we are providing a professional Human Resources Consultation service whereby we can help your company to establish a solid ground of HR system complied to your Overall Organization system.